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When does the season start / end?

Depending on field conditions, practices could start as early as early April.

Regular season play will start the first week of May. The season typically runs for a little over 2 months, from the first week of May to late-June or early July depending on your division.  For ages 9 and up, there may also be an All-Star team organized that typically practices and plays into early August.

What are evaluations?

Evaluations provide the opportunity for coordinators and coaches to assess the ability of players. This process assists SLL in placing players appropriate to their skill level, and balancing all teams in the division equally.  There are a number of stations designed to display fielding, speed, coordination and agility.  Through which the players rotate and are observed and assessed according to specific criteria. If your child is unable to attend Evaluations they will be randomly placed, or placed based on previous experience for returning players.

How often do they practice?

1 to 2 days a week at the least, including weekends. Practice days are determined by the coach.

How often do they play?

2 (set) days a week at the least, including weekends. Please see our Schedules page for more information.

What days of the week do they play?

T-ball                   Mondays and Wednesdays
Machine Pitch      Tuesdays and Thursdays
All others             Days vary, see Schedules page

** Subject to change, see our Schedules page for exact dates **

What times do they play?

Games start at 6:30 PM on weekdays and variable times on the weekend.   Players must be at the field at least 30 minutes prior to game time to properly warm up and for coach's to set up their roster.

Division            Game Duration:
T-Ball               1 hour
Machine Pitch   1-1/2 hours
All others          2 hours, but may be called due to darkness

Where do they play and practice?

Our diamonds are all located in the N.E. Ages 9 and up are interlocked (with other leagues) and there will be some travel. See our Diamonds page for more information

Players, Teams, Equipment       

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How many players on a team?

The ideal team consists of 11-12 players per team, however there may be more depending on the number of players registered in that division.

Is this a Co-Ed league?

Yes. Girls and Boys Ages 4-18 are welcome.

How old does my son/daughter have to be to play?

Children may enter the league at any age up to 18 years old, and as early as 4 years old.

Can they play with friends / siblings?

We can't guarantee it but we make every effort to accommodate friend and sibling requests if requested at registration. Having said that, please keep in mind that unfamiliar teammates soon become fast friends. One of the main benefits of playing on a team is meeting and making new friends.

What equipment must be provided by the parents/guardians?

Each child is required to provide their own baseball glove, protective cup (jock / jill strap) and running shoes. All other equipment will be provided by SLL

Batting gloves are not required, but are permitted. Rubber cleats are recommended ages 9 and up. Metal cleats are permissible ages 13 and up.

T-Ball / Machine Pitch...What's the difference?

T-Ball is the first division for players age 4-6. Players bat off a tee and play all positions in the field. Machine Pitch is the next division for players age 6-8. Players receive pitches from a machine placed at the mound and play all positions in the field

Registration, Fees, etc..             

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How do I register?

Registration dates and times will be posted on the website when the dates have been finalized. If you are worried about missing the registration date, or registration has already passed, please contact:

Judy Smith
(403) 293-2766

I can't afford the fees - what should I do?

Sunridge Little League is committed to making the game of baseball available for all children aged 4 - 18, regardless of their financial situation.  If your child would like to play baseball and you are worried about payment, please contact Judy Smith at (403) 293-2766 to discuss other arrangements

Unfortunately, I need to withdraw my child, can I get a refund?

Withdrawal from SLL after registration will be subject to the following WITHHOLDING FEES:

$20 Before league play begins
$35 After league play begins, but before Victoria Day
FULL AMOUNT after Victoria Day

I registered but haven't heard anything yet, what's happening?

Once the registration is completed, the number of teams is then determined and coaches are assigned to each team. Ages 4-8 are then assigned. Ages 9 and up are asked to take part in player evaluations in March.

After evaluations there is a coach's meeting (to review rules, events, etc) with the SLL coordinator.  Coaches for each team receive the team roster and are then in a position to start contacting parents. Practices can then commence in April, weather permitting If you have any questions about this process, please contact:

Michelle Mercer                                         Judy Smith
SLL Coordinator                    or              (403) 293-2766
(403) 992-4790                             

What do I need to bring to registration?

Your child's birth certificate
Your child's health card
Post dated cheque for Uniform Deposit (please see Registration page)
Proof of residency in one of these communities:

Castleridge, Coral Springs
Martindale, Monterey
Rundle, Red Stone
Taradale, Temple
Saddleridge, Skyview

What method of payment do you accept?

Registration fees are accepted in the form of cash and cheque.   A $50 voucher towards registration is available for those who volunteer for Casino dates for the following baseball season. See our Registration page for more information


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What is the All-Star season and how does it work?

Little League tournament play (All-Stars) is a program of excellence for skilled and interested players in our league aged 9 and upwards. Our teams compete against other leagues throughout our district and the prairies during the months of July and possibly August.

Players need to be available and fully committed to practice and play throughout the month of July and part of August. There may be travel involved to tournaments in such places as Airdrie, Lethbridge, Medicine Hat, Edmonton, Fort McMurray, Saskatchewan, and other locations. For more information please contact:

Michelle Mercer                                         Judy Smith
SLL Coordinator                    or              (403) 293-2766
(403) 992-4790                             

How does my child apply to participate on an All-Star team?

There is no application process for All-Stars. Players are recommended by their coach or team manager and then attend try-outs for the All Star team.

**Please note any player wanting to try out for the All Star team must have attended at least, 70% of the regular season games and practices.

How do you select All-Star Managers and Coaches?

Regular season coaches and team managers are eligible for an All-Star team.  SLL will invite interested coaches and team managers to apply towards the end of the regular season.  SLL will then appoint individuals for the available positions.  

Coaching, Volunteering             

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How can I help?

We are a volunteer organization and rely on the incredible generosity of time and effort of many people.  We always welcome anyone with an interest in coaching and umpiring.  Typically coaches are grouped in teams (Coaches and Assistant Coaches). So if you would like to coach but can't necessarily commit to the full season, all the time, let us know and we'll match you up with a full-time coach in need of Assistant Coaches.

If you think you can give us a little time as a fundraiser, team manager, scorekeeper, pitch counter, during special events, or anything else you can think of, great! Please indicate your area of interest on your registration form. For more information please contact:

Michelle Mercer                                         Judy Smith
SLL Coordinator                    or              (403) 293-2766
(403) 992-4790                             

Can I be a Coach?

A coach is a volunteer, normally a parent, who helps teach the players the rules and skills to play baseball. Every team is allowed to have TWO "official" coaches rostered on the team. That does not prevent additional parents from volunteering their time to assist the coaches when needed.  If you are interested in coaching please contact:

Michelle Mercer                                         Judy Smith
SLL Coordinator                    or              (403) 293-2766
(403) 992-4790                             

Questions or Concerns             

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I have concerns with my team manager and/or coaches, what should I do?  

Please discuss your concerns with the team manager or coaches away from the field of play first. If you feel your concerns have not been addressed, then please contact:

Michelle Mercer                                         Judy Smith
SLL Coordinator                    or              (403) 293-2766
(403) 992-4790                             

How can I get more information?

If you have any additional questions please contact:

Michelle Mercer
SLL Coordinator
(403) 992-4790